- The Garuda Studio

Graha (Brick) with Gerusa Gurak

Date: 7 May 2021 - 9 May 2021

Course: Graha (Brick)

For further details email: contato@tcpilates.com.br

Status: Spaces available

The Garuda Graha, or brick, workshop is an innovative and functional workout, using the Pilates principles and repertoire to instigate bilateral symmetry and stability of the pelvis, whist creating lower limb strength and functionality.

Special attention is given to the upper body, with a whole new set of exercises designed to fortify and challenge the participant. Balance and three-dimensional movement are an integral part of this work.

A novel and inspiring workshop that allows the student to experience, investigate and take away material that will challenge the remedial to advanced client.

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“Obsessed!! Will be back for more training and classes!”Shana Simmons