Pilates Therapy - Touch, Massage and Trigger Points - The Garuda Studio

Pilates Therapy – Touch, Massage and Trigger Points with James D'Silva

Date: 8 Nov 2018 - 12 Sep 2019

Course: Pilates Therapy – Touch, Massage and Trigger Points

Venue: The Garuda Studio

Price: £175

For further details email: info@pilatestherapy.co.uk

Status: Spaces available

What do we teach?

  • This course will insure Pilates teachers to be able to get ‘hands on’ with their clients. It will not qualify you as a massage therapist.
  • We will teach you the importance of how to use touch, appropriate handling techniques and how to use your hands when working with your clients in a professional and effective way.
  • We will introduce you to basic massage techniques and will explore trigger points and what science currently has to say about them.
  • We discuss why getting hands on makes a difference when working with our clients during their Pilates sessions, as well as rules of how to get hands on and when not to handle our clients.
  • Going limbic: what is it and how to recognise a limbic response.
  • We cover red flags and when to refer on.
  • We will integrate massage into Pilates exercises so you can use your skills straight away with your clients during your Pilates sessions

Pre-course requirements:

  • Hold a comprehensive Pilates qualification in matwork and/or studio/equipment
  • Minimum of 2 years teaching experience
  • Anatomy and biomechanics review paper

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“The first weekend of the teacher training was great. So inspiring. It’s amazing how James talks us through the movements. It felt as if I was in your studio. I feel blessed to be able to learn this beautiful way of movement.”Sabine Parent