Centered Workshop: The Spine by Design with Madeline Black - The Garuda Studio

Centered Workshop: The Spine by Design with Madeline Black with James D'Silva

Date: 25 Feb 2017 - 25 Feb 2017

Course: Centered Workshop: The Spine by Design with Madeline Black

Venue: The Mansergh

Qualification: 6 PMA Credits

Price: £195

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One day focus on the influences of the feet-leg-pelvis through the spine

This new one day workshop is an immersive experience including movement class, lecture and physical techniques for understanding how the spine influences movement and is influenced by forces inside and outside of us. Madeline Black will teach and you will explore how the design of the spine gives us a mobile architecture from which we move and how poor movement habits can be sourced for problem solving.

The concept of this workshop is based on how by design the spine is our primary moving structure that governs whole body movement. The spine moves the pelvis and affects the shoulder-arm and leg-foot complexes. You will learn how improving proximal movement of the spine creates balanced movement throughout the body, and how the distal areas (hands and feet), affect the movement of the spine. In addition, exploring the external forces, such as gravity, use of small props and touch, effects by enhancing or detracting from the movement and orientation of the spine during exercise.

Following the success of her newly released book “Centered”, Madeline Black will teach a new format that gives advanced teachers the guided time necessary to hone their skills of seeing, touching, moving and verbalizing clearly and effectively.  This approach to physical training is relevant to all populations of people and will help you move your client’s body into a place of gaining strength and balance. Learn to match and meet the needs of a variety of body challenges such as skilled movers (athletes, dancers) to geriatric training.


10am – 11am Movement class led by Madeline Black

11am – 11:15am Break

11:15am – 1:15pm Lecture and demonstration of the spine movement in all three planes, prone, supine, seated and standing, observing for areas lacking balanced movement; use of props and hands-on, breathing

1:15pm – 2:30pm Lunch break – lunch will be provided

2:30pm – 3:30pm Hip joint importance to spinal movement, hinder or enhance spinal motion; movements using props; straps to open the movement of the hips

3:30pm – 5:30pm Feet influencing the spinal movement, movement for feet through pelvis, pelvis and spine, working distal affect proximal movement


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“I’ve just finished the seated standing course and am rejoicing in the wonderful feeling of inhabiting my body as if I’ve moved through to a different sense of being alive. This feeling (inadequately described) only comes to me from Garuda. It is ridiculous to say 'thank you' as one would politely say if a door were being held open, but perhaps that is the best analogy. With gratitude. ”Janet Cook