Garuda Apparatus Series 1 - The Garuda Studio

Garuda Apparatus Series 1 with James D'Silva

Date: 26 Jul 2018 - 31 Jul 2018

Course: Garuda Apparatus Series 1

Venue: Garuda Studios

Qualification: 24 PMA CREDITS

Price: £1150

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Status: Spaces available

Daily: 8am – 1pm
Following on from Apparatus  Foundation A & B , Series 1 brings in Box-work ,coupled in with Spring & Strap work .
The client is challenged with long lever and complex movement patterns.
This series works towards the athletic body.
To attend this course you must first have completed Foundation .

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“Thank you so much for this wonderful offering - I was a bit unsure how online training would go (I'm very much a kinaesthetic learner) but it was fabulous and exceeded my expectations.”Lorissa Gilmore