Garuda Seated & Standing Matwork - The Garuda Studio

Seated & Standing Matwork with Viviane Vales

Date: 1 May 2020 - 10 May 2020

Course: Seated & Standing Matwork

Venue: Tc Pilates, São Paulo, Brazil

Qualification: 12 pma credits

Price: TBC

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Status: Spaces available

A carefully crafted blend of yoga, Pilates and dance, Garuda matwork has been developed and perfected by James D’Silva over many years, during his own dedicated practice as well as his inspiring teaching of these disciplines to others.

This comprehensive movement system James has created uses the breath as the principal guiding force, working both to fire up the body with warmth and energy as well as to calm down the nervous system and create focus. This inspires intuitive, flowing, rhythmic movement, starting simply and blossoming into more complex patterns. Twists, curls and spirals encourage greater flexibility in the spine, giving free rein to the body to rediscover its natural desire to move, and providing a complete, joyful and mindful workout.

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“James is the only person in the entire world whom I would take any form of teacher training with, and I have known this for years!”Karen Rose