Garuda Graha (Brick) with James D'Silva

Date: 23 Aug 2018 - 25 Aug 2018

Course: Garuda Graha (Brick)

Venue: Transamerica Executive Perdizes Hotel

Qualification: 12 PMA credits

Price: R$ 2600.00 - early bird price until 31 May R$1900.00

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Status: Spaces available


Join James D’Silva and Juliana Dallantonia for Garuda Graha in São Paulo

The Brick Workshop is an innovative & functional workout using the Pilates principles & repertoire to instigate bilateral symmetry, stability of the pelvis whist creating lower limb strength and functionality.

Special attention is given to the upper body with a whole new set of exercises designed to fortify and challenge the participant. Balance and three-dimensional movement are integral part of this work.

A novel and Inspiring workshop that allows the student to experience, investigate and take away material that will challenge the remedial to advance client.

After finishing this course you will get 1 month free online access to the Brick DVD

For more information – (11) 95164-0160

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“I just wanted to say how much I've really enjoyed the Teacher Training course! Even though it was a virtual experience, it was still amazing and I learned so much from your wisdom. I know it must be frustrating for you not to be able to give any tactile cueing (I'm the same), but you are so clear with your words. That's an amazing gift, for which I'm forever grateful!”Eva Perdiki