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Garuda Seated & Standing Training with James D'Silva

Date: 14 Nov 2015 - 31 Jan 2016

Course: Garuda Seated & Standing Training

Venue: Ravenna, Italy

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Garuda draws its influence from Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Dance, amalgamating different types of movement into a vast yet cohesive repertoire, complete with a unified philosophy and defined set of principles. All classes have a definite rhythm and flow, working on mindfully increasing strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. We pride ourselves on our training programme.

Garuda Seated & Standing

This course combines the standing and seated syllabuses in one intensive programme, focusing on strength, stability, balance and joint mobility.

We have split the training in 3 weekends. For further details please click S&S Ravenna 2015

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“James is such an enlightened teacher.  I loved the course and hearing his constant words of wisdom.”Sharon Aloni