Garuda Tara (Sling) with Master Trainer Loa - The Garuda Studio

Tara (Sling) with Loa Kristiansen

Date: 1 May 2019 - 3 May 2019

Course: Tara (Sling)

Venue: The Garuda Studio

Qualification: 12 pma

Price: £550, payment plans available

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Status: Spaces available

Tara, or Sling, is an integral part of the Garuda Apparatus. The Sling is cutting edge, daring and challenging and the training has been cleverly put together to strengthen, stabilise and challenge the practitioner. Tara supports and tractions us, teaching us to lean into the space around us, getting us to lift out of our joints and making us aware of our instabilities.

The wonderful detail of this training is that it can be adapted to any independent piece of equipment and one doesn’t require a prior Garuda training to attend this workshop.

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“The Garuda method is the only movement strategy where my body feels the best. Happy exploring;-)) Enjoy the journey.”