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Pilates Therapy – Kinesiotaping and Palpation

Date: 19th May 2018 - 19th May 2018
Venue: The Garuda Studio, United Kingdom
Price: £160.
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Status: This workshop has finished see more workshops.


Kinesiotaping and Palpation

Learn what science has to say about the benefits of Kinesiotaping, how to apply it and when it can be applied. We will also get ‘hands on’ and improve our palpation skills to get a sense of ‘high tone’ or ‘low tone’ muscles and what that may mean. Expect to come away with taping skills and more confidence getting ‘hands on’ when working with your clients.

By taking a well-trained Pilates Teacher and combining this talent with the ability to utilise objective screening, manual skills and other techniques when working with their clients, we create a special recipe for helping resolve issues when working with their clients.

The combination of good quality movement (Pilates) along with application of manual techniques (Therapy) can contribute to resolving dysfunctional movements and in changing dysfunctional movement patterns that may result in injuries.

Pilates Therapy 
  • Our one day courses teach you skills which can be integrated straight away into the Pilates sessions you teach.
  • Everything we teaches done with a view to facilitating a freer movement experience and to encourage optimal movement patterns for your clients.
  • One day courses can be taken as stand alone CPD days or take all 9 (discounted) to work towards qualifying as a Level One Pilates Therapist (see below)
  • Pre-course review paper is an insurance requirement for all attendees – its not a pass fail, so don’t let it put you off!

*Become a Pilates Therapist (includes all courses plus Integration day) for £1200 or £220 monthly for 6 months.