Pilates Therapy – Twenty Touches

Date: 9th June 2010 - 2nd June 2011

Course: Pilates Therapy – Twenty Touches
Venue: The Garuda Studio, United Kingdom
Price: £175
For further details email: info@pilatestherapy.co.uk
Status: This workshop has finished see more workshops.

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What do we teach?

  • The 20 Touches are a series of ‘hands on’ cues to facilitate a greater kinaesthetic understanding of ‘how’ a movement should ‘feel’.
  • Often what feels normal to our clients may not be optimal. Relying on our verbal cues and visual demonstrations often is not enough to convey to our clients how to move more effectively.
  • We start with the rules of ‘engagement’, why getting hands on makes a difference when working with our clients during their Pilates sessions,  as well as rules of how to get hands on and when not to handle our clients.
  • We discuss the differences between a ‘bony touch’ and a ‘soft tissue touch’.
  • We then get stuck in learning the ‘twenty touches’ which relate directly to Pilates exercises and facilitate an opportunity to deepen our clients experience and understanding of their Pilates practice and Pilates exercises.

Pre-course requirements:

  • Hold a comprehensive Pilates qualification in matwork and/or studio/equipment
  • Minimum of 2 years teaching experience
  • Anatomy and biomechanics review paper

Pre-course recommendation:

  • Completion of Touch course (unless qualified as a massage therapist)

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“The first weekend of the teacher training was great. So inspiring. It’s amazing how James talks us through the movements. It felt as if I was in your studio. I feel blessed to be able to learn this beautiful way of movement.”Sabine Parent