Vinyasa Yoga Course - The Garuda Studio

Vinyasa Yoga Course with James D'Silva

Date: 24 Apr 2015 - 5 Jun 2015

Course: Vinyasa Yoga Course

Venue: Garuda Studio

Price: £175

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Whether you are brand new to yoga, have practiced before, are an avid exercise junkie or spend your time locked in front of the computer screen join us for this brand new and exciting opportunity to experience yoga and get yourself breathing and moving in an intimate and unique setting at Garuda Studios.

This twelve week course is the first of its kind at Garuda giving practioners an introduction to Vinyasa Yoga, focusing on breath and body awareness and one to one hands on adjustments and personal attention to ensure you leave each week feeling rejuvenated, energised, balanced and at ease in body and mind.

If you are working with injuries or other physical ailments this is all the more reason to join us on the mat, specific instructions and postures will be given throughout the class to help ease any pain or discomfort and have you leave each week feeling stronger and less discomfort in the body.

Each week new principles and postures of yoga will be integrated into the class combining dynamic, synchronised movement with a focus on alignment and breath control, alongside beautiful and graceful restorative postures that will leave you floating out of class with a peaceful sense of grounding to carry with you throughout the course and into your daily lives.

Be prepared to move, sweat, get your heart-rate and breath rising, unlock any internal blockages within the body and mind, be stimulated, feel exhilarated, and wind down at the end of class with a blissful relaxation whilst have your friends and family ask you where that smile on your face and the new spring in your step has come from!

This is a wonderful opportunity that shouldn’t be missed to not only build new strength within the body but to give yourself the gift of dedicated time for personal exploration, becoming more mindful, aware, peaceful and still allowing you to become lighter and more at ease and connected in all areas of your life.

Details of course:

Day:Every Friday from 24th April to 5th June

Time: 11am – 12:15pm

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“The beauty of the Garuda Method is it can be applied to a whole range of people - the professional athlete, the dancer or to those who have rarely exercised in their life.”Elizabeth Conway