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Upcoming Madeline Black Training Courses

Black’s Immersive Body Training: Encompass

13th September 2019 - 17th September 2019, The Garuda Studio

Black’s Immersive Body Training: ENCOMPASS The body moves in a predictably non-linear way. Madeline Black has developed a series of trainings to immerse the movement teacher into a highly focused and engaging experience to better… read more

Black’s Immersive Body Trainings: Constellation

19th March 2020 - 22nd March 2020, The Garuda Studio

After completing both Gather and Encompass, it is time to cluster related movement concepts, and techniques addressing the assessed need of your client. The thought and intuitive process of sequencing techniques with movement training is… read more

Black’s Immersive Body Trainings: Gather

11th June 2020 - 15th June 2020, The Garuda Studio

Gather is an immersion experience following Madeline Black’s book “Centered.” During the five days, you will explore movement through gait patterns, observing, palpating and cueing for extraordinary changes in the body. You will experience embodying… read more

Black’s Immersive Body Trainings: Encompass

10th September 2020 - 14th September 2020, The Garuda Studio

Encompass circles around the whole body using observations, movement relationships as a whole and their influences on function and structure. This training embraces the how, why and what you are seeing, and sensing in order… read more