New Clients

New Clients

We are delighted to be reopened with new social distancing and extra hygiene protocols in place – please read the covid update before your visit.

You can find our studio group class schedule here or our personal one-to-one training here.

We offer online Live & Recorded classes with James D’Silva click here.


Apparatus and Reformer classes: £40 for one class | £175 for 5 classes | £325 for 10 classes

Private one-to-ones (55 min): £95 for one session | £850 for 10 sessions | £ 450 for 5 sessions 

*prices inclusive of tax

How to book

Group classes: 

You can book into our London Studio via our android app or iOS or on our website or just send us an email at

You can buy live and recorded classes in the shop, they will be available in your dashboard when you click “View”. You will need to create an account.

Private Appointments:

Book on our Garuda app, available via the App Store or iOS, or contact the studio. 

“There is no way any aspect of my current life would be possible without the range of movement, the body confidence and the joy of figuring out my personal ways of physical wellbeing without Garuda. I am partly who I am today because of this holistic approach to me and I would not change a thing.”Niina Kovalainen