• We offer group classes and personal training using the Garuda Method both in our matwork classes, Barre and on our specialised Garuda apparatus or using more traditional Pilates equipment.
  • Anyone new to the apparatus can join our Beginner Classes and once confident can transition into the more advanced Apparatus group classes.
  • Garuda Apparatus classes have a maximum of 5 people, offering you a very personalised experience with your instructor.
  • Mat classes are limited to 14, so you receive individual attention and correction.
  • Use the Garuda App, available via the App Store or Google Play, for quick and easy booking.

Introductory Offers

Private Taster Class

Pilates Group Equipment Taster Class

Mat or Barre Group Taster Class

Garuda Beginner Apparatus Taster Class


5 Private Classes

5 Equipment Classes

5 Mat or Barre Classes

10 Private Classes

10 Equipment Classes

10 Mat & Barre Classes

Single Classes

Mat & Barre


Group Equipment

“Stretching, breathing and way of movement that combines with strength and flexibility exercises has really helped me.” Jennifer Shulman