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Tara (Sling)

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Tara is our brightest star.

The training has been cleverly put together to strengthen, stabilise and challenge the practitioner. 

An integral part of the Garuda apparatus, it can be adapted for multi-functional use.

Here in an innovative way, Tara supports and tractions us, teaching us to lean in to the space around us, getting us to lift out of our joints and making us aware of our instabilities. Tara is cutting edge, daring and challenging. 

Tara is our brightest star. 

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Spain and Zoom/Online

2nd July 2022

“There is no way any aspect of my current life would be possible without the range of movement, the body confidence and the joy of figuring out my personal ways of physical wellbeing without Garuda. I am partly who I am today because of this holistic approach to me and I would not change a thing.”Niina Kovalainen