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Bonita Kong

Master trainer for Hong Kong

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LocationSELF Fitness Studio 16 A&F, Ho Lee Building, 38-44 D'aguilar Street, Central

About Bonita

Bonita is the founder of SELF Fitness Studio. Active since the age of 3, she has been involved in sports like dancing, swimming, surfing, muay thai.

As a result of years of extreme exercise and a horseback riding accident brought Bonita to Pilates in 2014. Through practicing she was not only able to heal her chronic knee and back pain, but also increased her sports performance, and perception of the mind-body connection.

Bonita completed her Pilates training with Polestar Pilates, then went on to achieve additional Pre and Postnatal certifications, and NKT Therapy certification. After years of teaching full-time, Bonita discovered The Garuda Method, and it has immensely helped her clients from all backgrounds. Over the years, she has attended countless training courses in London with the founder James D’Silva, making her the only comprehensive Garuda trainer in Hong Kong.

Besides training her clients, Bonita enjoys outdoor water activities, you can often find her freediving or enjoying the sun, sea and sand with her family!

Upcoming Garuda Courses with Bonita Kong




Hong Kong and Zoom/Online

22nd June 2024

Hong Kong and Zoom/Online

17th July 2024

Hong Kong and Zoom/Online

6th September 2024

Hong Kong and Zoom/Online

18th October 2024

Hong Kong and Zoom/Online

21st November 2024

“I just wanted to say how much I've really enjoyed the Teacher Training course! Even though it was a virtual experience, it was still amazing and I learned so much from your wisdom. I know it must be frustrating for you not to be able to give any tactile cueing (I'm the same), but you are so clear with your words. That's an amazing gift, for which I'm forever grateful!”Eva Perdiki