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Rebecca Mottin

Master trainer for Australia

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LocationMelbourne Australia

About Rebecca

Rebecca was born and raised in Australia and comes with a background in professional dance. As a ballerina, Pilates and body conditioning were an integral part of her training. She is a keen nutritionist who brings a sense of healthy living into her own life as well as the importance of physicality. She was originally drawn to Garuda training because of the physicality and results it delivered: stronger, leaner, mobile, and a more resilient body: but what she also gained, was entirely unexpected, yet exactly what she needed: a deep, quiet, confidence within herself; something we all need - Which is what inspired her to become a Garuda teacher.

She has been training exclusively under James’ guidance for the last 6 years and has intricate knowledge and understanding of the repertoire.

“Garuda for me is life and movement, and practising it daily is a way for it to manifest in me and through me. I simply couldn’t live without it. It’s a privilege to be working alongside James as a Master Trainer. And honouring his work the best way I know how; to practise it, to live it, and to share it with as much care, attention to detail, and love, as he has put into creating it.”

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Spain and Zoom/Online

16th June 2023

Spain and Zoom/Online

16th June 2023

Spain and Zoom/Online

23rd June 2023

“James is the only person in the entire world whom I would take any form of teacher training with, and I have known this for years!”Karen Rose