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Rosa Núñez

Master trainer for Spain

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LocationCalle Tristana, 88, Santander, Spain

About Rosa

Rosa Núñez is a dancer, choreographer, and Ballet Teacher graduate from the Dance Superior Conservatory in Seville. Rosa directed her first MEC authorised Dance Centre in 1987, training several future dancers for 15 years as well as divulging the dance scene in Santander creating many different choreographies for them. In 2004, Rosa started her journey with the Pilates Method and trained with International bodies such as Stott Pilates and Body Intelligence International (Guideon Abrahami). Rosa's career is a constant search for personal growth and for a better understanding of the body in a holistic way. Pilates for rehabilitation, Anatomy of Movement (Blandine Calais), Fascias (Karin Locher), Somatic Education (Herbé Baunard), Feldenkrais (Nancy Aidelman), “Getting in touch” with Michael Boxal, Dance therapy, Open Floor, are a few of her influences.
I met James D'silva in 2016 in his London studio and from that moment I recognized that Garuda would be the method to follow and James was my teacher & mentor. During the last 4 years, dozens of Garuda instructors have been trained in my Santander Center and I am proud to be the Master Trainer who disseminates this fantastic method in Spain.

“James' classes are always a gift of life.”Piera Formenti