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Yong Ho Lim

Master trainer for South Korea

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LocationSouth Korea, Seoul, Gangseo-gu, 양천로 551-17 한화비즈메트로A 903호

About Yong

Yong Ho Lim started his early career as a Taekwondo athlete. He majored in physical education and started sports gymnastics in his sophomore year, which significantly changed his life. From 1993 to 1998, he entered various world championships as a member of the national team, earning several awards in his career. Later, he majored in Exercise Physiology at graduate school and taught many students at University. From 2005, he achieved his certificate in Polestar Pilates and PSC (Pilates Sports Center) Pilates based in California, subsequently mentoring numerous pupils as a Korean master trainer. While participating in PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) held in Arizona in 2016, he met James D'Silva and was fascinated by Garuda after trying the method. He felt as if the movement of Garuda was unlike anything else, and flew right away to England to take courses in the Garuda Studio.

“I’ve just finished the seated standing course and am rejoicing in the wonderful feeling of inhabiting my body as if I’ve moved through to a different sense of being alive. This feeling (inadequately described) only comes to me from Garuda. It is ridiculous to say 'thank you' as one would politely say if a door were being held open, but perhaps that is the best analogy. With gratitude. ”Janet Cook