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Valentina Ghiglieri

Master trainer for Italy

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LocationVia Emilio Motta 6, Milano

About Valentina

Valentina began studying classical dance at the age of 6.

Her path sees her train and practice modern and contemporary dance both as a dancer and as a teacher.

Certified and specialised with a master's degree in Pilates in 2006 (Postural Pilates and Balanced Body), she discovered Garuda and completed her journey in London with the creator of the Garuda method, James D'Silva.

She is now a Junior Master Trainer in Italy alongside Laura Trevisani.

Valentina is co-owner, together with Deborah Sorbellini, of the PilatesLab studio in Milan

Her motto is:
"I love accompanying my students towards a research of physical and emotional wellbeing. I love watching them finding the best version of breath at a time"

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Italy and Zoom/Online

5th July 2024

Italy and Zoom/Online

26th October 2024

“James is the only person in the entire world whom I would take any form of teacher training with, and I have known this for years!”Karen Rose