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Garuda is more than just about classes. We always have so much going on at the Academy. Check regularly for boot camps, workshops, videos, DVD’s and specially priced items from our shop.

Latest News: Cadaver days

James has attended many of these cadaver days and he would like to thoroughly recommend that you attend as well,… read more

Next Garuda Academy Workshop: Garuda Seated & Standing Level 1, 21st October 2014, Garuda Studio

This course combines the standing and seated syllabuses in one intensive programme, focusing on strength, stability, balance and joint mobility…. read more

Garuda Matwork Standing DVD

In the Garuda shop now: Garuda Matwork Standing DVD

A carefully crafted blend of yoga, Pilates and dance, Garuda matwork has been developed and perfected by James D’Silva over… read more


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"I first started on Garuda when I was pregnant. It was an excellent, safe way to stay in shape and still tone muscles." - Jill Vieth