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The Garuda Studio
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The intelligent way to exercise

Welcome to the world of Garuda

Garuda takes its name from an Indian mythological sacred bird that can change shape according to its function. It’s inspired a more intelligent and intuitive way to exercise the body.

Combining the spirituality, pranayama and asana practice of yoga, the core strength and focus of pilates and the balletic grace of dance, the Garuda method is the answer to many people’s quest for a stronger, more flexible, toned body.

"As an osteopath, I feel blessed to have encountered Garuda. It is not only the best of its category, it’s also fun." - Boniface Verney-Carron, osteopath

Join James this October for Garuda Teacher Training in London

Join James as he takes you through the syllabus of Garuda Foundation Matwork, Garuda Apparatus Foundation, Garuda Dhara (Chair) & Garuda Chakra (Foamroler) Teacher Training this October.   Garuda Apparatus is unique in its versatility, flexibility… read more

Garuda Matwork Foundation, 4th September 2015, Via Paolo Costa 2 48121 Ravenna

Corso di Garuda Matwork Fondation Garuda Foundation Matwork is a Pilates-based system that builds gradually. Here movements start first by isolating individual muscles, then move on to the myofascial lines they belong to. All of… read more

In The Garuda Shop

Garuda Yoga Mat
Garuda Yoga Mat

Our wonderful Garuda Yoga Mats have black mat printing with white artwork reminding you about the journey that is Garuda. The dimensions are  1100x730x6mm

Garuda Chakra DVD
Garuda Chakra DVD

Chakra or wheel is the defining word that aligns our newly produced foam rollers with the work outs we have created in opening, lengthening and strengthening our form. The word aptly described as the energetic… read more

Chakra Foam Roller
Chakra Foam Roller

We are delighted to introduce you to our amazing foam roller – The Chakra. Made exclusively to our own specifications. She is the longest and widest roller on the market printed with Garuda logo at each… read more

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